• Please use PPT/PPTX format and restrict to maximum 25 slides. The slides should be of 4:3 aspect ratio for proper view.
  • The first slide should clearly indicate the Title of the Paper and Names of Authors.
  • Do not use any background image, the slide background color should be white.
  • Text color should be black and other colors should only be used for emphasis.
  • Do not use animations in the presentation.
  • Each presenter will be allotted a duration of 15 minutes for presentation including question-answer.
  • There is no provision for Skype presentation or absentia.
  • It is suggested to carry a copy of your presentation in a USB drive.
  • Please upload the PPT/PPTX file and PDF file of the presentation¬†with supplementary audio/video file in the form link given below. Do not upload ODP format.

Uploading link: (Fill the form separately for every paper.)

Deadline for uploading the presentation: December 04, 2019