Following papers are accepted after incorporating suggested modifications. Authors will recieve a separate email containing the review.

Paper IDAuthorsTitle
5#Zhen Li, Dan Qu, Chao-Jie Xie and Xue-Juan WeiKnowledge Distillation for Machine Translation
18Prigish George Abraham, M.S. Sinith and A.R. JayanCumulative Impulse Strength based Epoch Extraction from Singing Voice
19Nisheeth SrivastavaMeasuring conceptual incongruity from text-based annotations
21Raviraj Joshi, Purvi Goel, Mriganka Sur and Hema MurthySingle Trial P300 Classification Using Convolutional LSTM and Deep Learning Ensembles Method
30Dipti Jadhav and Sonam DesaiGesture Aided Voice for Voiceless
31C M Naveen Kumar and G ShivakumarA Real Time Human Emotion Recognition System using Respiration Inhale-Exhale Temperature Patterns and ECG
34Premjeet Singh, Manoj Kumar Mukul and Rajkishore PrasadBone Conducted Speech Enhancement using LPC and MFCC
36Anil Kamath, Nirav Raje, Saishashank Konduri, Hardik Shah, Varsha Naik, Krishnanjan Bhattacharjee, Shivakarthik S, Swati Mehta and Ajai KumarIntelligent AI Assisted Psychological Disorder Analysis Using Sentiment Inference
38Anisetty Manikanta Durga Srinivas, Gagan K Shetty, Srinidhi Hiriyannaiah, Anita Kanavalli, Siddesh G M and K G SrinivasaContent-based Music Classification using Ensemble Of Classifiers
42Kiran Kumar G R and Ramasubba Reddy MAn Orthonormalized Partial Least Squares Based Spatial Filter for SSVEP Extraction
45#Mayank Tiwari, Subir Lamba and Bhupendra GuptaVisibility Improvement and Mass Segmentation of Mammogram Images Using Linearly Quantile Separated Histogram Equalization With Local Contrast Enhancement - A Software Supported Approach
48Nancy Girdhar and K.K. BharadwajMining of Influencers in Signed Social Networks: A Memetic Approach
49Anushri Saha, Vikash Minz, Sanjith Bonela, S. R. Sreeja, Ritwika Chowdhury and Debasis SamantaClassification of EEG Signals for Cognitive Load Estimation using Deep Learning Architectures
51S. Sahand Mohammadi Ziabari and Jan TreurAn Adaptive Cognitive Temporal-Causal Network Model of a Mindfulness Therapy Based on Music
52Sonal Linda and K.K. BharadwajA Decision Tree Based Context-Aware Recommender System
53Purvi Goel, Raviraj Joshi, Mriganka Sur, and Hema A. MurthyA Common Spatial Pattern approach for classification of mental counting and motor execution EEG
56Swati Aggarwal, Prakriti Bansal, Sameer GargEEG Signals for Measuring Cognitive Development
57Debdeep Sikdar,Rinku Roy,Manjunatha MahadevappaChaos Analysis of Speech Imagery of IPA Vowels
59Muskaan Singh and Prajna JhaModified Feature Selection for Improving Automatic Text Summarization System
62Deena Hijam and Sarat SahariaConvolutional Neural Network based Meitei Mayek Handwritten Character Recognition
63Abha Trivedi and Mayank PandeyTowards evaluating Architectural Design of ancient pilgrimage site using Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
64Sandhya Batala and Manjunatha MahadevappaEEG-based Detection of Brisk Walking Motor Imagery using Feature Transformation Techniques
65Amrita Mukherjee, Avijit Paul, Rajarshi Roy, Shibsankar Roy and Kuntal GhoshPerceptual Filling-in of Blind-Spot for Surrounding Color Gradient Stimuli
67Pramod Soni and Ayesha ChoudharyAutomated Fall Detection Using Computer Vision
69#Gyanendra Verma and Anamika DhillonWild Animal Detection from Highly cluttered Forest Images using Deep Residual Networks
73Chetan Ralekar, Punyajoy Saha, Tapan Gandhi and Santanu ChaudhuryEffect of Devanagari Font Type in Reading Comprehension: An Eye Tracking Study
79Richa Gupta and Priti SehgalA non-deterministic approach to mitigate replay attack and database attack simultaneously on iris recognition system
80Arya Krishnan, Tony Thomas, Gayathri Nayar and Sarath Sm.Liveness Detection in Finger Vein Imaging Device Using Plethysmographic Signals
82Lekshmi K .R and Elizabeth SherlyGeneration of GMM weights by Dirichlet Distribution and Model Selection using Information Criterion for Malayalam Speech Recognition
85Ruby Rani and D.K. LobiyalSocial Choice Theory Based Domain Specific Hindi Stop Words List Construction and its application in Text Mining
86Shanu Sharma, Anju Mishra, Sanjay Kumar, Priya Ranjan and Amit UjlayanAnalysis of Action Oriented Effects on Perceptual Process of Object Recognition Using Physiological Responses
87Pratik Chaturvedi and Varun DuttInteractive Landslide Simulator: Role of Contextual Feedback in Learning Against Landslide Risks

# Provisionally Accepted

Papers not mentioned in this list are rejected as they are either out of scope or have not met the conference standard expectation.

Authors of accepted/provisionally accepted papers will recieve emails mentioning modifications needed within 2 days.

Authors of rejected papers will recieve emails mentioning the review after 1 week.

CRITICAL INFORMATION for all “Accepted Papers” in the IHCI 2018

All the accepted papers that qualify following below conditions will be published in Springer LNCS:
  • Registration to the conference of at least one member.
  • Submission of the Copyright form
  • Submission of Word/LaTeX files of the paper.
  • Atleast an author should attend the conference.

At least one author MUST BE REGISTERED for the conference before September 20, 2018. Failure to register will result in removal of the paper from the IHCI 2018 proceeding. Registration has already started. Early bird registration is up to September 15, 2018.
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